Friday, 31 October 2014

Pencil and Eraser Charaters!

After a long struggle with the pencil character I have finally managed to model both and will crack on with all the missing tutorials!

Maya Tutorial Eggcups

For this tutorial, I modeled the polygon (on the left) and the nurbs version of an eggcup in Autodesk Maya. It was very interesting as I now understand the curve tool much much better and will be able to use it properly in future.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities: Argia. Exterior establishing shot, lower exterior shot and interior shot.

 exterior establishing shot

lower exterior shot
 interior shot
I have chosen these as my final shots as they portray the mood of Argia very well and show how the people live underground. All of these shots were first drawings from my sketchbook which I scanned in and painted over to keep the perspective and shapes and sizes as close to my imagination as possible.

@ Jordan: Exterior shots

For a quick look to see how both exterior shots go together; I think the contrast between light and dark is nice in both of them and even though the colours in the low angle shot are very different from the establishing shot it all can be explained by how colours change over distance.

Please have a look and comment if anything seems amiss! I already blurred the stairs after Emma pointed out that they are the only thing that has sharp edges, now it all fits together much better :)

Exterior low angle shot

My exterior low angle shot is getting there, I know the perspective in a few places is a bit off but quickly learning it is not as easy as it sounds :p I like the colours, they feel cosy and inviting but it looks more like a comic book at the moment, definitely needs improvement! Will work on this again this afternoon.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Saturation, burn and dodge tool on exterior establishing shot

Does the lighting look alright? Or is the background too shiny? I reckon the really light bit is where the sun shines through a bit, or at least where daylight seeps in.
I am very happy about the progress I made with the burn and dodge tool, at first it didn't work until I clicked the right layer, now I'm really happy with both tools! I also played around with the colours:

Exterior Establishing Shot

This is the first exterior establishing shot draft I'm happy with, it's not perfect yet and I haven't checked the colours but want to work on the next one in the meantime. Any thoughts?


I just selected my thumbnail with the marquee tool and copy-pasted it onto a bigger canvas and half the picture vanished! It only shows on here what I did yesterday and today, nothing else. Odd. Will try and upload all my images properly!

Monday, 20 October 2014


My pencil has a moustache! :o excited
The colours are not the ones we will be adding as textures in a later tutorial but I thought I'd play around a little and have some fun.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Life Drawing Homework

I think we were supposed to draw from a photo so that we can tell the difference between big life drawing and small sketchbook drawing. I also didn't work with charcoal because of my new beige carpet... so pencil it is! My bigger drawings from the last lesson worked much better with perspective, on this one I can just see so many places where it's just off. This is why I didn't add the strings because they can't go into the same places as they are on the photo! But altogether I think it looks much better than I would have expected and it was fun to draw.

Monday, 13 October 2014

pictures from last weeks life drawing session, not mine!

Everyone elses beautiful work and Max's great photos of the structure! I started on drawing one of them from my phone but the screen is very small (and switches off all the time) so I gave up about half way through but will continue now that they are all on my pc! If you have any problems saving your picture from my blog give me a shout and your email address and I will send them over :)

Life Drawing lesson: my pictures

These are my life drawing pictures from last Wednesday, it was very exciting as I have never drawn anything like it before! I think using charcoal instead of pencil really helped a lot as well as drawing really big scale, I just haven't figured out how to use the putty rubber better yet. But in the next lesson I might sit myself right next to Cat, she seems to know what she is doing :p