Monday, 13 October 2014

More thumbnails for Argia!

These are more drawing on how I imagine Argia and daily life. The first picture is a shot from the top straight down and shows the lay out of the main cave of the city with the lake in the middle, the bridge leading over it and all the "houses" sitting along the walls to the top. My wide angle exterior shot will look a bit like this but with more perspective and not just like a picture taken flat from the top.
The second shot is very similar to the one I posted earlier but I only just had the chance to scan the picture. It shows the cracks in the walls that make proper air circulation possible and it also shows that the homes reach up into the top of the cave and it hints towards the tunnels that are everywhere and occupied like everything else.
The third shot was the most fun because I actually had to look up squirrels and what they really look like - my first version was way to skinny but now it looks really cute and even recognizable! This shot stresses the daily dangers of guarding the insect farms as giant squirrels regularly attack them and try to steal the insects. This might turn into my low angle exterior shot.
The last picture shows a typical house front of a loved home with plants (mushrooms or other cave plants, will look them up) on the window sills, a water can and curtains. I think these details will be part of my interior shot as I plan on having the door wide open so that I can add details to the inside of the house and the house front, it will have a two point, possibly three point perspective. 


  1. Hey Mailin,

    You know, don't want to be a spoil-sport, but the addition of the man-eating squirrels etc. seem like a distraction from the actual job of designing a city... and also, I've got to be honest - plants?! In a world without day-light? Roots maybe, mushrooms possibly, but plants?!

  2. Ah yes I guess I got carried away. I also wanted to add mushroom and fungai into the writing and I knew I was forgetting something - I just couldn't put my finger on it. I will draw new cave plants soon and will think of a new way to realise my low angle exterior shot. Max said I could put the squirrel in (not blaming him :p) so I just did it because it was so much fun to draw but not really for any other reason :)