Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Saturation, burn and dodge tool on exterior establishing shot

Does the lighting look alright? Or is the background too shiny? I reckon the really light bit is where the sun shines through a bit, or at least where daylight seeps in.
I am very happy about the progress I made with the burn and dodge tool, at first it didn't work until I clicked the right layer, now I'm really happy with both tools! I also played around with the colours:


  1. I like the moody effect created in the last (red and green) one, especially the foreground, but I prefer the colours of the 2nd one. Just think it has more excitement about it for some reason! I think it seems a bit friendlier and less menacing than the other colour combinations. I guess it depends on the character of your city :)

  2. Yes no 2 is definitely the one I will be going for! Even though I really like the red one as well, but then I would have to find a new reason for the colours, it doesn't look natural to me but is nonetheless cool!