Monday, 13 October 2014

Colour palette for Argia (first try)

These are the different colours I will be using for my city, on the left side is more the colours of the walls and the clothes and on the right it's plants and water. I am trying to use as many autumn colours as possible, but the green of the plants is very light because they have been under the earth for so long. The water comes in 3 shades because of the difference in colour when it comes to depth, as there is quite a deep lake in the middle of the city I will try and distinguish between very shallow, normal and deep water.
All the colours might change if I don't find them suitable, but it's a start!


  1. That's definitely a wide range of colours! A rainbow, even. Have you thought about limiting it a little? - Just in-case they end up being too muddy in the final images, it'd make it a lot easier to find "colour harmony"

  2. I haven't thought about that they could look muddy, I thought I didn't have enough colours on there! Since this is just a first try I will see which of these colours I will actually be using and just scrap the other ones. But thanks, I will try and look for that "colour harmony"!