Friday, 30 June 2017

Farm Shop Ground Plan revised

The Farm Shop is a little smaller now but focuses on the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables more than the older design. There could always be a bakery and a butcher next door, together with a shop for equestrian equipment (with the bakery also offering cooking books, home decor and other cute things).

Modelling in Maya will be the next step :)

Farm Shop Sweets, boxes and tills

Farm Shop Fruits and Veg orthographs

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Farm Shop Designs for Fruits

Apples, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, lemons, figs, pineapples, watermelons and honey lemons. Yum :)

And I decided that the name for the farm shop should be Paddock Farm Shop as my animation for the major project is called Paddock Academy and as it's in the same universe it would only fit.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Farm Shop other goods and interior research

More reference material for my designs, the sweet section will be a lot smaller than pictured but the way they are wrapped up individually are so suited to how I want them to look. The bread should be versatile and go beyond the typical white loaf you can get in a supermarket and the scones and rolls can also serve as treats as they are generally quite sweet. The meat section might be small but hast the necessities and egg cartons all look similar. I tried to find pictures with many jars, pickles and jams which looks a bit crowded at the moment, but there can only be so and so much local honey. The wicker baskets are for storing fruits, vegetables and bread in and wooden beams seem a suitable aesthetic as it adds detail to an otherwise boring room. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Farm Shop Fruits and Vegetables Research

Having listed all the fruits and vegetables I could find in the photos I took in the farm shops I tried to find close ups to get a better look at the produce so that I could base my designs on them. It's grouped by seasonal (British) fruits around June, exotic fruits, and vegetables (I know that tomato's are fruits really but they don't fit in). 

I looked at the apple first as I hoped that there would be a few cute apple toys out there - turns out a lot of apple toys have worms in them which would probably gross out the children trying to learn about whole foods so I tried to stay away from them! The toys were instantly recognisable as apples though (despite being rounder and squishier) so I will strive for that in my designs.

There seem to be 5 types of berries in season now (where did the redcurrants and blackcurrants go?) and I tried to go for images that pop with colour and make me look forward to cooking with them or eating them as a snack (guess who brought strawberries and blueberries in today? Yumm!) They all look very attractive and my next step will be to look at containers like wooden boxes and wicker baskets to keep them in so that I can start designing them as a whole design rather than two different drawings that decided they might work together (or more likely, not).

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Farm Shop Ground Plan

I decided that I wanted to create a ground plan of the building before I start designing details so that I would know what I want to include in the designs. This plan is just s first draft; the outlines are slightly leaned on the Broadditch Farm Shop but is a much smaller shop as it won't have all the decor and not as many condiments and such, and no frozen section either. The till is placed in a strategic place as in the shop assistant is able to see the entry as well as the back of the shop and can therefore easily provide help if a customer needs it. The main focus is on vegetables and fruits so they have both two big spaces with vegetables taking up more room as in the farm shops I visited there was a heavier focus on vegetables rather than fruits. I wanted to include cookbooks as a game that explores whole foods, someone needs to cook the meals, as raw vegetables are not always edible. (They could include really easy recipes that the children can cook with their parents.) The baked goods, meats and condiment sections are all not very big as they are not the main focus, with the sweets and chocolates almost hidden (in plain sight) as hardly and customer will go around the corner and focus on the shelf on the wall instead of the table in front of them (trust me, I work in retail :p) so they will be stumbled upon when looking through the whole shop but not with a quick sweep, plus the section will look dull compared to the bright colours of the whole foods and therefore less desirable. The windows are big to let in plenty of natural light and let the colours do their thing.

Resit Project - Farm Shop

Alan and Phil have decided that for my resit project, I should expand the idea of the horse app game and add a whole farm to the universe, complete with farm shop which teaches children about the importance of fruits and vegetables over fast food and sweets. Everything should be stylised after the hay field that I created for my major project, as it is abstract but recognisable and has a distinct "toy" quality about it with a plasticky look and vibrant colours.

As homework Alan asked me to research and visit farmer's markets, so I went to two shops in Rochester that mainly sell whole foods with a few condiments and juices and the Broadditch Farm Shop in Southfleet which besides fruits and vegetables also has a small meat and bread section and a few house decor items to complete the "farm look" at home.

Exteriors of Austen's of Rochester, Pip's of Rochester and Broadditch Farm Shop

Interiors of the Rochester whole food sellers

The greens of Broadditch Farm Shop

  Veggies and Fruits of Broadditch Farm Shop

Condiments. Jams etc, local honey and eggs
(with a small supermarket-like sweet selection by the till)

Meats, bread and interior

Gorgeous fruits, paper bags, wicker everything, supporting beams and some more sweets