Monday, 13 October 2014

Small changes to my mission statement about Argia

After having a think about the criticism I received for my ogr I decided to make a few changes in the logic to make my city more believable and complete.

So first I went away from the idea of having lots of little tunnels only and turned the whole city more into a cave with tunnels that lead away from  it, possibly to other inhabited caves. For caves, it is also easier to explain the air supply as a few simple cracks in the surface are bringing down enough fresh air for everyone to prosper.

My exterior wide angle shot will be of the biggest cave, my point of view will be from somewhere very high up and it will show the lake at the bottom of the cave which is also the water supply, it will show all the doors and windows to everyones houses (apart from the doors, windows, plants, smoke pipes and front lights there is no exterior of the house, you can only guess the shape and size to the back), the stairs and lifts that help out everyday live and allow the Argians to live on the lowest as well as on the highest floors of the caves without problems. It will show a little boat or two riding the gentle waves and the bridge that spans over the lake to make getting around so much easier.

Other changes include the giant insect farms (the insects are giant, not the farms) and a well known predator to all Argians: the giant squirrel population which also occupy the tunnels and is a big threat to the people as they love attacking the insect farms at random.

Instead of having all the walls and everything emit light all the time I thought it would be good to have a specific gem that shines like a normal candle and can be mined a few tunnels along. It is believed that it is this discovery that made the Argians leave their old homes and move underground permanently as the gems work similar to sunlight and give everything a positive attitude. It also means that there is less smoke as no torches and candles are needed and the gems seem to emit light for generations without ever running out.

I also thought it would be nice if every household has got a few plants in their windows, likely miniature trees or ivy which will rank up into the neighbours pot and have a chance to give up some oxygen into the caves and tunnels. The plants are held in a very pale green colour as the light from the gems is giving them enough energy to not go pale but not enough to keep their original bright green.

For the low angle exterior shot I might show a fight with a squirrel that is attacking the insect farms, I already drew a thumbnail with that topic so it would be great fun.

For the interior shot I want to "zoom in" into a house with the door wide open so we can see some of the interior and some of the outside like plants and windows while the inside will show daily pottery that is being used as well as children's toys lying around on the floor and many details out of the daily life.

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