Thursday, 23 October 2014

@ Jordan: Exterior shots

For a quick look to see how both exterior shots go together; I think the contrast between light and dark is nice in both of them and even though the colours in the low angle shot are very different from the establishing shot it all can be explained by how colours change over distance.

Please have a look and comment if anything seems amiss! I already blurred the stairs after Emma pointed out that they are the only thing that has sharp edges, now it all fits together much better :)


  1. Hi Mailin, what are these exterior shots of? the lower one seems like quite an interior looking shot to my personal opinion, but I am coming from this without seeing all of your previous workings.

  2. Hi Nat, these are the exterior shots of the city Argia which is an underground city. The lower one is actually my low angle exterior shot since it's outside the living spaces, but I'm working on putting my interior shot up at the moment.