Monday, 26 January 2015

Story Telling New Idea

The idea I posted up for the ogr would probably be long enough to fill a 30 minutes animation so I realized that I have to shorten it down quite a bit.
The new idea is still set in the sword swallowers stomach and the main character is a little girl that is looking for her lost toy and runs around crying. When she finds the art gallery full of curious swallowed objects she finds her toy piano behind a pen knife / scissors or similar that is hanging from the ceiling(and huge from her perspective), is overjoyed and starts to play a melody.

Would that be enough of a story?

1 comment:

  1. question: how does the audience come to know that we're inside the sword swallower's belly? And in terms of the three act structure, how does the playing of the piano really satisfy the story? I can see how in Act 1, we meet the Pica guy and he swallows something new, and the camera follows it down into the body and we're in the art gallery, and so we're introduced to this extraordinary world... I can see that being straightforward, but I still don't think you've got a proper story going on here - a story needs to resolve/answer/explain something, which is satisfying for the audience because there's been tension prior...