Tuesday, 6 January 2015

From Script To Screen - exploring first ideas

From Script To Screen is the new project in which I will create a storyboard with the three words the blue box has chosen for me:
Character: Sword-Swallower
Prop: Piano
Environment: Art Gallery.

My first idea to this is roughly this:

My character, let's call her Mia, is hiding behind a bush, watching a guy play the piano beautifully underneath a tree, obviously enjoying himself. Mia tries to play the piano after he leaves, her face is determined but she just can't find a melodie at all, she cries.
She decides to leave home and go traveling and on her way, she goes into an art gallery where amongst other pictures, she is most inspired by a painting of a sword swallower. She joins a circus and becomes a nationally recognized sword swallower who journeys around the country and finds fulfillment with her group.

For this I have three background stories so far:

1. Mia is the daughter of a noble family in the 1700/1800's and her parents expect her to be excellent at playing piano as she had lessons since she was little but it just never worked out so she runs away and travels with gypsies, and joins their act after her visit to the gallery.

2. Mia is a brilliant pianist who plays on many events but on a holiday, she accidentally hacks of three fingers while cutting wood with an axe. having to overthink her life, during her (mostly emotional) recovery she visits lots of art galleries with the painting of the sword swallower having a huge impact on her and giving her life new direction. After mastering this art she goes back to entertaining her audience who loves her more than ever.

3. Mia, a successful business woman has got everything but feels empty on the inside. Deciding to give her life some kick she starts piano lessons but fails miserably as she can't play a melody. Seeking direction, she wants to go to a concert but gets the address wrong and ends up in the art gallery. The  painting inspires her beyond her understanding and she easily masters sword swallowing and has weekend shows all over the country which give her the fulfillment she longed for for so long.

I think I like the first two ideas best, but I'm sure I'll come up with lost more over the next few weeks!

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  1. Hi Mailin... in terms of sword-swallowing, maybe you have a character who isn't a sword-swallower by profession, but rather someone who suffers from this : Pica