Friday, 30 January 2015

Scene and camera outlay for my Story From Script To Screen

Scene 1:

Medium shot on Shannon from behind, zoom out to long shot, show all of match.

Shannon stands with folded arms in front of a particularly curious piece in this gallery: it seems to be a very long and thin wooden stick with a gritty red top suspended above the ground.

Camera pans around so more of the background is visible, camera starts shaking.

 She just leans in to inspect it further when she notices a slight vibration of her surroundings that quickly grows stronger.

Shaky camera shows pieces of people running, screaming.

The sensation escalates quickly and the people around her break into a mass panic and run into all possible directions.

Camera back on Shannon, close up on face, her eyes pointing upwards, searching. (shaking)

Camera on object falling, slamming, shaking ceases.

Looking up to look for the cause, Shannon spots a heavy object falling very quickly from the opening in the ceiling and slamming into the ground not far from her.

Camera on Shannon, medium body, screaming.

Camera close on green ooze.

Shannon screams but ceases when she sees a green ooze dripping its way out of the object and burning the floor.


Scene 2:

Medium shot on Shannon from behind, pan around door when she looks through, follow her and take in scene.

Walking along, Shannon can hear clang noises and is drawn to them. As she looks around the corner, she can see people working on tracks.

Close up on her face, cut to where she puts the track down.

“Hey, come over here and hold this” Surprised she follows and helps putting down the next track.


Scene 3:

Camera sits on track as roller coaster appears and rides over very fast.

Close up on Shannon standing in front of heavy object, wind in hair.

Roller coaster is riding up red tube, the heavy object is secured in one of the wagons.

Camera on human face, heavy object flies towards camera then vanishes, camera still for human expression.

The heavy object flies out of human’s mouth, he looks surprised.


Scene 4:

Establishing shot on party in gallery, close up of floor that has fences around it and looks pinkish and rough, close up on Shannon’s face.

Big Party in the art gallery, Shannon is laughing happily, floor burnt by green ooze is healing.
 This is not the best writing but it's mostly for getting my ideas pinned down so I can transfer them to Adobe Story and start storyboarding!


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