Tuesday, 20 January 2015

From Script To Screen Final Idea? Out Line, Log Line and Premise

The Final Idea

A sword swallower obsessively swallows all kinds of items like toothpicks, pen knives, letter openers, scissors and so on, so the inhabitants of his stomach have created an art gallery out of the items and turned it into a holiday resort. The person has been chewing away on a piano for quite a while but suddenly, he gets very ill which upsets his stomach and has a huge impact on the inhabitants; their world gets literally turned over so they have a meeting on how to approach the issue and "fix their human". They recap and realize that he fell ill after eating the piano's foot petal, which was just being prepared to be put into the gallery, so they wonder if taking it back out the front way will help them all. The roller coaster gets fired up, the tracks are being build all the way up to the mouth using the keys from the piano and a brave team is chosen to travel outside and chuck the foot petal back out. The operation is successful, the brave team gets a party thrown for them as soon as it's apparent that the human is feeling better and they start rebuilding the whole gallery, which got very jumbled up.

As the main character, at the moment I am going for the daughter of the director of the art gallery, Shannon, as she would have access to all important information to her as well as the meeting and she would volunteer for the fixing team as well, therefore making her the perfect heroine.

The Step Outline:

- Shannon is looking at her fathers art gallery of curiosities and the hotel that is built right next to it, lots of happy people.
- The ground shakes heavily and topples over, until everything is in a massive jumble, mass confusion and people running into all directions aimlessly, screaming.
- Meeting in a chamber, messenger comes in and reports the foot petal, plan is made.
- Tracks for roller coaster are built, Shannon watching.
- People volunteer for the operation, Shannon gets chosen as one of the team.
- The ride up the throat in the roller coaster with the foot petal strapped onto it.
- Arrived at the mouth, the release the petal, it flies out.
- Closeup on Shannon having a look at the outside world.
- Surprised face of ill looking human visible.
- Everything in the stomach settles down, everyone cheers, they start rebuilding all that's broken, Shannon looks absent and dreamy.
- Last shot of Shannon sneakily climbing out of the mouth, getting ready to explore the outside world.

The Log Line:

Shannon's world is literally turned over, so together with the help of her people she has to fix what's broken to restore her normal life. She bravely volunteers to embark on a dangerous mission and gives the viewer insight to her world but after getting a glimpse of the bigger world outside of her human, she decides to do some exploring herself.

The Premise:

A quest to save the world that leads to the desire of exploring another world.

(While I was writing this, the dog chewed away on my hairbrush and eating the bits that came off, so it's not even that far from reality!)

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