Monday, 12 January 2015

From Script to Screen new ideas

Three quick ideas that I wrote down on the train the other day!

1. Someone who obsessively eats swords, knives, letter openers etc. when she hears piano music but getting the job at the art gallery which she always wanted breaks the curse.
2. Someone works in an art gallery but gets fired because of daydreams , end up in a shady club and gets convinced to try sword swallowing while dancing on a piano.
3. Obsessive sword swallower listens to piano music all the time for the soothing effect that takes away the need but due to an accident, she loses all hearing, gets admitted to a psychiatry because of the amount of knives swallowed gets out of hand. She gets introduced to traditional art like paintings and illustrations in long therapy sessions which don't change her obsession until she expands the therapy over the course of visiting many art galleries in countries all over the world which change her and let her lead a normal life again.

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