Tuesday, 13 January 2015

From Script To Screen ideas

The new idea is that most of the scene takes place in the sword-swallower's stomach, as he or she has always swallowed all kinds of items obsessively, for example pen knives, toothpicks, needles, scissors and regularly chews on a piano which is mostly eaten by now. The inhabitants of the stomach have, after recovering from the initial shock of heavy items that get thrown at them, decided to make the best out of the situation and created a gallery of curious objects that have been swallowed previously. Imagine a T-Rex skeleton but instead as giant scissors which hang from the ceiling. Also the bits and pieces that have come in from the piano have been added together to from a piano - like instrument that is much much smaller and has much fewer keys and can be played by strings as well, and it delights all the visitors. One of the main attractions of the gallery is also a rollercoaster which takes you past the piano and then through veins and arteries, up the throat and onto the tongue, where for the first time it's apparent where the scene takes place. There, the roller coaster gets swallowed again together with a lighter and delightful screaming is audible all the way down. Bacteria from all around the body come for a holiday at the art gallery, so it expands its business with hotel, beach and casino and what fascinates the visitors most is the never ending piano music that is singing tunes through the whole stomach.

Let me know what you think! It's more of a background story atm but if the idea goes through I will write a proper story line! :D


  1. That's a fantastic way to connect your words! I think it's a very creative response :)

  2. Very imaginative :) the roller coaster idea is cool idea, maybe the sword-swallower could do different things that cause his stomach to experience problems? Like getting sick or drinking?

  3. Aww thanks you two, I'll write down additions when they come along and I have time to think! :p

  4. Very creative, I like the idea of it being about the bacteria that lives in the body of the sword swallower. I'd like to see how a story could pan out, perhaps one of the object he eats damages the art gallery, or like Max suggested maybe he gets sick and there is a virus that the bacteria have to deal with.

    Look forward to seeing this develop :)