Monday, 4 January 2016

Character Design Solane

Name: Solane
Nickname: Laney
Solane’s best friends are Niniane and Bethany, all three grew up together in a small village. Solane being the eldest, she wanted to be in charge of their little group’s adventures and has always had the desire to move somewhere far away someday. Solane sometimes proves herself as impatient and reckless and has a tendency to ignore others advice. She is sometimes aggressive when she thinks she is right and often gets into confrontations with other villagers.
Age: 17
Best friends: Bethany and Niniane
Character traits: As the oldest of the three she often assumes the role of the bored teenager who has to hang out with her young excitable friends, but deep down she dearly loves both of them. After the accident she becomes quiet and unapproachable, ashamed of the damage done to her body and her fuelling her anger and frustration at the world. One day soon after she disappears from the village after a confrontation with Bethany over her behaviour…
Prop: small bag for jewellery cutting supplies
Aspired profession: blacksmith

As Solane experiences the most change physically throughout the story I have drawn her as normal Solane as she was before the accident 

and corrupted Solane who has turned into a person that doesn't recognise her own friends anymore.

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