Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Adaptation B Ideas

For my adaptation b project I ordered the book beanstalk - adventures of a jack of all trades a while ago and decided on two characters that would suit the project as I want to design and create a character for animation.

Jack Farris:
- red hair, long enough to hang into eyes
- brown skin
- freckles
- very tall (~2m) slim but toned, narrow shoulders
- barefoot, calloused
- big hands, calloused
- 20
- many scars
- academy uniform: jacket, shirt, trousers, boots (he doesn't wear the boots)
- small sly grin, big and wide smile
- knives in back pockets
- knapsack full of medicines
- green badge around his arm, stating he's studying to be a guide

- darkish skin
- short, maybe 5'1, 5'2
- thick coarse black hair with purple streaks
- sharp smile
- sturdy boots
- small cap for coins / to keep her hair tamed
- curvy
- loose pants/ fringed skirt
- strings, ribbons and yarn knots hanging from belt loops and pockets
- plenty of pockets, deep enough to fit envelopes without revealing them
- purse for coins
- looks like she is in her early 20's but is actually late teens
- purple theme clothes (eyelashes?)
- street performer, juggling torches
- illiterate but very intelligent

Alan strongly advised me to decide the style I want to work in to make this project achievable.

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