Monday, 4 January 2016

Character Design Niniane

Name: Niniane
Nickname: Minnie
Niniane is best friends with Bethany and Solane, they grew up in neighbouring houses. She was not physically affected by the accident but feels for Bethany losing her limbs. As someone who is really good at comforting people with both her words and actions, she is in some ways her villages counsellor and even though young in age, her wisdom is admirable, often trying to calm Bethany and always giving every risky situation proper analysis.
Age: 15
Best Friends: Bethany and Solane
Character Traits: Niniane is grounded where Bethany is excited, she likes to talk things out as she insists on proper risk analysis. Her practicality has helped both Bethany and Solane out of many situations and she is always there ready to give advice and a solid plan of action. Niniane is loving and helpful to everyone she meets but sometimes her aggressive stubbornness can lead to confrontations with Bethany.
Prop: big rucksack filled with camping materials and books.
Aspired profession: Counsellor

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