Monday, 4 January 2016

Character Design Bethany

Name: Bethany
Nickname: Taney
Bethany is a young girl from a small village, living next door to her best friends Niniane and Solane, her favourite activity is carving wooden figurines.  A horrible accident occurred in which she lost her right arm and leg, but she has substituted the missing limbs with powerful metal prostheses, whilst she is new to the abilities her new limbs offer her she shows an uncanny ability to master and upgrade her new prosthetics.
Age: 16
Character traits: Bethany is an excitable young lady with a can do attitude, originally light hearted and naïve but turned focused and motivated after the accident changed her life forever. Bethany has a habit of charging into situations without proper consideration and often has to rely on her friends to get her out of tricky circumstances.
Best Friends: Solane and Niniane
Props: Wooden staff she carved herself, crystal necklace, metal arm and leg
Aspired profession: wood carver

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