Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What If Metropolis Review 1

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  1. 06/11/2014

    Hi Mailin,

    Really loved your travelogue - I was quite swept away and very much enjoyed my time in the city of Kandinsky! I know you've struggled a little in the first instance, but there are a number of thumbnails in your collection that I like very much: 8 (for it's colour and painterly simplicity) and 17, 25, 29 and 31 for the sense they give of the curious buildings you describe. I like the idea you taking the 'marketplace' concept into further development, with its technicoloured cobbles and architecture that reflects the noise and banter of the citizens. I think those 'spiker' forms will give you something a bit more concrete in terms of structure to explore now.

    You might be interested in looking at this animation by Jiri Barta - not because of the tone or style exactly (it's dark, cynical and creepy), but rather in terms of the overall design of the town and also how the market-place is described through noise. It might give you further courage to work up some suitably stylised shapes.

    What I would like to see also is you trying a slightly different technique in terms of working up some thumbnails; if you look at Kandinsky's 'music' paintings, the shapes are actually graphical - there's colour wash, but there's also clear geometric forms and line work. I spoke with Kavia re. using a simple set of tools in Photoshop (using the 'shapes' tool in conjunction with the warp/perspective tools + duplication/rotation/layering etc) and her most recent thumbnails have really moved her thinking on about the structures of her city. I think it would be useful for you to work similarly as you move towards identifying specific structures. The more loose, painterly style in terms of your other thumbnails can be 're-introduced' onto your structures once you established them more simply. Anyway - have a chat with Kavia to see what I'm getting at.

    Short version is, I'm loving the ideas, impressions and mood of your city, and now I want to ensure that you evolve effective visual strategies for getting those strengths out into the concept paintings - and the production art that comes from it.