Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Online Green Light Review What If Metropolis 2

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  1. OGR 19/11/2014

    Hey Mailin,

    Firstly I wanted to congratulate you on all the work you've put in so far in terms of this project and pushing your work in terms of its development.

    You don't yet have any actual orthographs of your shapes - and you need to get these figured because your shapes, though simple in character, need to be understood in 3D.

    The changes you've made re. the buildings are already making for a much more effective and interesting space. I do have a couple of further suggestions.

    I just think the purple house on the right isn't a very interesting object somehow - it feels a bit 'unspecial' or rather just not 'Kandinsky enough!' It also blocks so much out. I love the rich purple colour, so why not try another asset here, something that doesn't sit so heavily across all the other interesting things it's blocking? I'd just like to see a few more iterations to ensure this world is as quirky and engaging as possible.

    I think the sky is weak: 2 suggestions - I don't think the downward brushstrokes are helping; they're counterintuitive, in so much we expect the sky to be about horizontal marking making - I think you should go much bolder too in terms of scale of brush marks and they should run horizontally, or be 'patchier' like daubs of clouds. I think too you should experiment with colours for the sky - because that yellowish shade is a bit weak, and the roof of you red tower is disappearing into it.

    Short version is this: you're 80% of the way, but I just want to see you push it one stage further in terms of boldness and composition.

    Come submission, I want to see you presenting your assets professionally in terms of production art sheets and likewise your othographs. Onwards, Mailin, onwards! You're doing great!