Sunday, 23 November 2014

Concept art improvements

This morning, I already went from this

To this

First I got rid of the loaf of bread on the right from the picture mentioned in earlier posts and substituted it with a building from the back, but I realised that by adding two buildings to the back of that one overcrowded the picture a bit so I took the pink/purple one on the far left out and put the new dark blue green one there instead, but it might balance the colours a bit too much now...
I quite like the sky now, I followed Phil's advice to use horizontal brush strokes and added some clouds with the Kandinsky way of putting white at the side where the light is coming from but I'm also worried it takes too much attention from the buildings so may have to tone it down a little, maybe green clouds wasn't the best choice or I just lighten them up to make them blend better.

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