Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Resit Project - Farm Shop

Alan and Phil have decided that for my resit project, I should expand the idea of the horse app game and add a whole farm to the universe, complete with farm shop which teaches children about the importance of fruits and vegetables over fast food and sweets. Everything should be stylised after the hay field that I created for my major project, as it is abstract but recognisable and has a distinct "toy" quality about it with a plasticky look and vibrant colours.

As homework Alan asked me to research and visit farmer's markets, so I went to two shops in Rochester that mainly sell whole foods with a few condiments and juices and the Broadditch Farm Shop in Southfleet which besides fruits and vegetables also has a small meat and bread section and a few house decor items to complete the "farm look" at home.

Exteriors of Austen's of Rochester, Pip's of Rochester and Broadditch Farm Shop

Interiors of the Rochester whole food sellers

The greens of Broadditch Farm Shop

  Veggies and Fruits of Broadditch Farm Shop

Condiments. Jams etc, local honey and eggs
(with a small supermarket-like sweet selection by the till)

Meats, bread and interior

Gorgeous fruits, paper bags, wicker everything, supporting beams and some more sweets

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