Thursday, 22 June 2017

Farm Shop Fruits and Vegetables Research

Having listed all the fruits and vegetables I could find in the photos I took in the farm shops I tried to find close ups to get a better look at the produce so that I could base my designs on them. It's grouped by seasonal (British) fruits around June, exotic fruits, and vegetables (I know that tomato's are fruits really but they don't fit in). 

I looked at the apple first as I hoped that there would be a few cute apple toys out there - turns out a lot of apple toys have worms in them which would probably gross out the children trying to learn about whole foods so I tried to stay away from them! The toys were instantly recognisable as apples though (despite being rounder and squishier) so I will strive for that in my designs.

There seem to be 5 types of berries in season now (where did the redcurrants and blackcurrants go?) and I tried to go for images that pop with colour and make me look forward to cooking with them or eating them as a snack (guess who brought strawberries and blueberries in today? Yumm!) They all look very attractive and my next step will be to look at containers like wooden boxes and wicker baskets to keep them in so that I can start designing them as a whole design rather than two different drawings that decided they might work together (or more likely, not).

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