Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Farm Shop Ground Plan

I decided that I wanted to create a ground plan of the building before I start designing details so that I would know what I want to include in the designs. This plan is just s first draft; the outlines are slightly leaned on the Broadditch Farm Shop but is a much smaller shop as it won't have all the decor and not as many condiments and such, and no frozen section either. The till is placed in a strategic place as in the shop assistant is able to see the entry as well as the back of the shop and can therefore easily provide help if a customer needs it. The main focus is on vegetables and fruits so they have both two big spaces with vegetables taking up more room as in the farm shops I visited there was a heavier focus on vegetables rather than fruits. I wanted to include cookbooks as a game that explores whole foods, someone needs to cook the meals, as raw vegetables are not always edible. (They could include really easy recipes that the children can cook with their parents.) The baked goods, meats and condiment sections are all not very big as they are not the main focus, with the sweets and chocolates almost hidden (in plain sight) as hardly and customer will go around the corner and focus on the shelf on the wall instead of the table in front of them (trust me, I work in retail :p) so they will be stumbled upon when looking through the whole shop but not with a quick sweep, plus the section will look dull compared to the bright colours of the whole foods and therefore less desirable. The windows are big to let in plenty of natural light and let the colours do their thing.

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