Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Minor Project Script Idea/Draft

Jim Script Idea

Lock unlocks and ‘doors’ open, revealing the word JIM. The letters blur and turn into a window, rain beating against the glass. Voice recording starts playing. Sweet appears in upper left corner, boy walks in with hands stretched towards the sweet. His body morphs into that of an adult but keeps the head of the child, now stretching his arms up to plead for help, then clasps them over his head while head zooms towards camera, there is a thunderstorm visible through the window, child’s lips are opening and closing as if to talk. Head sinks out of the frame and causes a hurricane of rain and leaves with shoes running across the frame, keys dancing along and jackets hurrying. Everything speeds up until the rain drowns out everything else and washes clear (every single item could be on a separate “cardboard” and animated individually, could look really good?).

Dirty dishes and cutlery appear, dancing with each other, huge nose appears from the side, sniffing, paws appearing and turning into a little puppy that plays with the cutlery, man appears from below and picks puppy up, cutlery and dishes vanish and puppy head morphs into baby head while man’s head morphs into boy’s head. Man strokes puppy, whole room flips off the page.

Pots and pans fall from the ceiling onto counter in kitchen, oven slots in from the side, oven mitts put a big box with a chicken painted on the sides into the oven and it all explodes into tiny little pieces covering the screen.

Room with a window has a girl in it now, she’s looking at photo albums of her dad doing activities he used to do but can’t anymore (skiing, mountain climbing, playing sports, leaving for work e.g.) flicking pages slowly, letting every memory settle in. Room falls through the side.

The same girl with sits on the floor with man, he’s trying to put wooden blocks together, first upright which topples over, then lying down which works, girl cheers him on and pats him on the head, his head gets bigger and little viruses jump in and start munching on his brain, his head turns into the child’s head as big chunks of brain disappear into the virus’s mouths.


  1. The only thing I'd say is that, tonally, there's a nightmarish feel to what you describe here - and I don't think the tone of the voice-over actually supports that - it's a bit more wry and upbeat, isn't it?

    1. You're probably right! I was aiming for a bit darker so it won't be too cutesy, maybe a bit too much! I'll work getting it right tonally :)

  2. saw this, thought of your project! (It's lovely!)