Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Minor Project first draft storyboard part 1

As discussed with Phil on Monday, it is high time for me to decide on a style for my animation and what the outcome should look like, so I started on my storyboard. It consists of collage like images that are not final by any means but that show what direction my style could go into.

This is only the first paragraph of the story.
I can see my animation being a mix of Maya and After Effects, with many of the objects being modelled in Maya and then brought together with the background in After Effects. 
I will upload a version later paired with the audio to see how it works out!


  1. Good stuff, Mailin!!! Getting stuck in and thinking about this animation in a bold, non-representative way - Onwards - and keep your foot on the accelerator! :)

  2. Okay - so I've had some thoughts about how you might go about 'containing' your story world and also rationalising/explaining your approach. I've got a couple of references for you and some ideas about structuring your narrative - both technically and in terms of sequencing your information.

    Remember we looked at Joseph Cornell - whose 'boxes' are collections of 'found objects' - and how these found objects relate to memory:

    It occurred to me that you could literally make your story world into one of Cornell's boxes - or rather use his visual language as a means of creating your non-realistic 'headspace' in which we see your film about dementia take place.

    I was reminded of this music video - as a direct visual aid to you thinking about how you might attempt to 'contain' and 'explain' and sequence your various scenes and dioramas:

    I also got thinking about someone's headspace as being like a theatre set:

    This also brings to mind pop-up books etc:

    In short, I can sort of imagine how your film begins by the audience looking at the title 'Jim' which suddenly opens up, like the doors to a cabinet or box, and we're invited into this theatre-like story space, in which you use the visual style of a collaged pop-up book or similar to tell your story in a continuous, often surreal sequence.