Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Animation Showreel Submission

Animation Showreel Final from Mailin Berg on Vimeo.

This is my finished Showreel for Friday!


  1. Really nice! :D Good soundtrack choice, goes really well with the movement of your animations

  2. Hey Mailin - great to see this up here, and I enjoyed it - just a small observation(s) 1) are you able - in Premiere, to have a go at cleaning up some of the pencil animations - i.e. looking at the brightness and contrast filter and/or levels - just to give them a bit more visual punch (without bleaching out information...) and also, right now, you've got the music at the end of your showreel just being amputated - a gentle fade-out would surely be more elegant, right? :)

    1. I will change the music (not to a fade out but it stops at a more convenient time) but as I spent 5 hours on premiere yesterday with having to change pc 3 times I was just glad that the pencil animation showed up at all, as they were impossible to add on a pc that doesn't have Quicktime installed. I will have a look into neatening the pencil drawings up when my animatic is where I want it to be - not meaning to cut corners but there is only limited time left :(