Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Animatic with SFX

Attack of the Hookworm Animatic from Mailin Berg on Vimeo.

I finished it yesterday but forgot to upload it to vimeo so here it is! Please don't give feedback as i don't have premiere pro at home and can't change it anyways :p 
The narrators voice might seem out of sync but that is on purpose! The sounds are not final though, no worries.


  1. i like your animitic mailin its really cute and easy to reads the voice over is good as well you might wont to be careful with the ending tho i think if you hold the frame for a couple of min before panning in it might end a bit cleaner as it kind of just stops halfway through the pan in or a cross fade to black may be good

    1. Thanks for the feedback Dan, unfortunately I can't do anything about it as I don't have the software at home and have my pitch on Monday hah :p But I'll keep your ideas in mind for the next project!