Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Major Project new script

Tack room, Full of containers, boxes, a shelf, racks, a wheelbarrow leaning against the wall and other utilities, daytime.


"Welcome back from your lesson, I hope you had fun! Now, before you can go and relax in the sun, you need to tend to your pony and make sure she is happy too. First, put the tack back in the right places." 

              Saddle and bridle appear, they can be dragged around freely but when released in the wrong place an alarm sounds and the jump back to their original position, waiting to be picked up again, right place gives a pleasant 'ping' noise. Carrot reward when both are in place.

"Now, she's hungry so fill up her bucket and hay net, she will thank you for it"

              Scoop has to be found, right feed selected from different containers (colour coded?) or the alarm sounds. Pling sounds for oats added to bucket and hay not straw put into hay net. Carrot reward.

"You need to make sure that there will be food tomorrow, so go out into the field-"

              click the field window that popped up in the interface

"take the wheelbarrow with you"

              click the tack room icon in the interface and pick up the wheelbarrow

"pick all the oats, wheat, straw and hay"

              alarm sounds for picking random flowers, pings for right plants, all fly into wheelbarrow when selected

"and plant new seeds."

              four seed bags appear, they need to be emptied into the right row or alarm sounds, ping if done right

"Nicely done. Back to the tack room now, and fill the containers."

              Carrot reward

"Next, connect the hose with the water tap"

              three taps to choose from, water, pink cream and black gunk

"make sure to chose the right one!"

              pink and black splash against the screen when selected

"and fill up the water buckets, but not too much or you'll spill some and make the floor slippery" 

              bucket overfills and explodes water over the screen. When all full:

"Well done!"

              Level up

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