Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Major project idea developement

After getting locked out of my flat yesterday and winding up at Emma's, I realised that the knowledge testing quiz app was probably not what this project should be in the end, so I tried to come up with a way that lets the user learn about horse care 'first hand' rather than being subjected to questions (which could always be added in again, but should not be the main focus).

So for the game, I imagine that the user could find herself in the tack room after a ride where she has to look after the horses needs. It could be an instructional game where a voice tells her what to do next, for example:

"Welcome back from your hack, it looks like you had fun! But now you need to tend to your horses needs to make sure she'll be happy too. First, put the saddle back on the rack (saddle appears on screen, rack lights up) so that it keeps it's form (when done right, horse snorts, content, and carrot appears in corner) then clean the bridle with water (bridle appears, water bucket lights up) shake it and hang it up. (Rack lights up, snorting and carrots for actions carried out well) Well done!
Now, she's hungry so she would really like some oats and hay, so pick up that scoop (scoop appears, bucket of oats lights up) put it in the feeding bucket (different bucket lights up) and take a hay net, place them by the door. (Carrots and snorts.) You need to make sure that there will be food tomorrow, so go out to the field, pick the ripe oats and hay, (items ready to be picked up light up, wheelbarrow lights up) put them in the wheelbarrow and plant new seeds (seeds appear in pouch on screen, need to be moved over rows of soil, carrots ). (Back in the tack room)Then fill the food containers until full, just like that, have a carrot.
Next, the horses need water so grab that horse and pull it over to the water buckets, take care you don't spill it or the whole stable will become slippery. Nice one! (LEVEL UP on screen, horses whinny happily in the background.)"

So, what I want to create is an animation that simulates a game (app game) about horse care, for little girls that want to learn and play. The design should be round, big and cute with bright colours and a square rather than rectangular approach for objects, items and utensils. There will likely be a voice over that explains, encourages and praises and the individual items could be giving more specific information for those who want to learn extra (for example, one horse needs ca. 60l water a day, etc) and there could be a quiz at the end, voluntarily. Following the narrative rewards carrots along the way which could unlock information about items which in turn unlock the quizzes and make it interactive on more than one level.

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