Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lighting tests

This one seemed too dark.

I did not like the grainy shadows.

These shadows look nice if a bit sharp, and seem to fit the style.

Last frame.

First frame.

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  1. Don't these seem 'over-lit' to you? There's a bit of glare and over-saturation going on (at least on my monitor) - I think you need to engage with Alan on receipt of this feedback and get some help on going for something altogether more 'soft' and sort of 'nostalgic' in terms of the lighting. Do you have a sense of what is making the light in the logic of your scene - is it coming through a window or skylight? Is it the peachy cool of sunrise/sunset? I think you need to reflect on the mood of your tableau and ask if your lighting is giving you what this needs. What do you think?