Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Minor Project update

 After my tutorial with Phil yesterday, we decided that my minor project will be presented in a knitted style, as an animation with a relatable, personal story with the basis of the whole world being 'knitting', or 'knit together'.

 The story will be personal, likely about memory loss, amnesia, knitting memories back together, or maybe loss of a family heirloom with a rich history.

 I will try and talk to someone who has suffered some sort of memory loss or someone who is close to them is suffering this fate.

 I want to create an animation where the viewer can feel the loss as the story unravels, and I have looked into personal blogs that have memory loss stories, most seem very interesting and contain material that I could easily use for this project, but I want to have a voice over of a person speaking freely rather than someone reading someone else's writing (which can be nice too, but maybe not for this project).

 So far I have learned a bunch about coping techniques (that might or might not work, mostly not in older people), that in most cases family and friends of the affected person are most disgusted by a person's loss of morals, and that real cases of amnesia are very rare and severely romanticized in films.

 If possible, I want to find a story of a person who has slowly regained their memory as I would love to go for the "knitting the world back together" theme, but that is probably just as hopelessly romantic as the films, so ideally something I should stay away from. I will have to think about this.

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