Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Adaptation B Textures and Bump Maps

I redesigned the colours on my sail to look more in tune with the rest of the ship, now it's made of skin in a patchwork style and has some of the children's drawings as tattoos. I've also adjusted the hair colour from brown to grey-white and added bump maps to give everything the feeling that it might just be real. I will ask Alan to help me with the lighting and then finalise the bump maps, as they might not currently work well with the model.


  1. I don't like the 'children drawings as tattoos' detail - it doesn't make sense, Mailin, because while the logic of a child might have envisioned this ship, this is no longer a world of 'children's drawings' - it's moved into something else now. I'd suggest just going with your patchwork sail without tattoos.

  2. While this is imaginative, I agree with Phil. The childrens' drawings take a way from the tone a bit. Perhaps the designs of proper sailors' tattoos could work as a replacement. Don't make them as sharp as these though, the drawing on the right in the middle picture looks like it was painted on.