Tuesday, 22 March 2016

@Alan Adaptation B Character Designs

I drew the character with Alan's structure method, am I going in the right direction? I will work them over in Photoshop if they are structurally sound, for now I'll work on expression sheets. I decided to draw in a style closer to the 1920's as the character is from roughly that time, I will post up my new influence map soon.

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  1. Hi Mailin

    Ok, I think it’s time to change your approach to this project. We're passed the half way mark and things haven't really developed or improved and the drawings above don't represent 8+ weeks of a creative "design' pipeline. I think perhaps you'd agree that this project is suffering from a degree of creative and work ethic paralysis? I'd also like to call attention to your ability to imagine, design, and draw characters...Again if you're honest with yourself I'm sure you'd agree that you're struggling. Things like that can/could be resolved if you work hard but that hasn't really been the case in the project and time is running short.

    So, how can you move forward positively? I'd suggest looking towards 1st year successes such as your 'What If Metropolis' project. In that project you inherited an artist (Kandinsky) and transformed his work in to a digital set (a world). There is room to do something similar in this project. Time is short but you can change your project and still make the deadline. In fact it's much more likely that you'll be able to achieve that project given the current situation with your character.

    I'd recommend coming to see us asap to discuss the change. Phil is here tomorrow (Thursday) at 4pm and I'll be here next Tuesday - Friday. In the meantime give it some thought, make it a positive change, and post if necessary.