Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Adaptation B Style influence map

For my Adaptation B, Beanstalk - adventures of a jack of all trades, the style is a mix up of different cultures, but with mostly Asian influences. The time is roughly 1920's as electricity has just made it's way into people's homes, the main food is rice, eaten with chopsticks, potatoes and vegetable stews and the streets are dominated by both cars and horse carriages. The character I will be adapting is a street performer called Sez who juggles torches and a sort of agent for the people of the town, as she mediates between anyone who has a problem and the ones who could possibly help in that situation. As she wears skirts, has curly hair, sturdy boots and performs, a gypsy-esque aesthetic comes to mind with her Asian upbringing and heritage mixed in.

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