Thursday, 5 November 2015

Character Project summary, about characters, environments, key scenes

I haven't decided on my characters genders yet so even though I have made them all male in this summary, they all might turn out to be female if I decide that that's for the better.

My game will be a single player console Role Play Game in which the player has to interact with NPC's solve riddles / puzzles and kill enemies, earning money (or some kind of currency) on the way to upgrade his and the sidekicks armor and weapons with gear becoming available as the story progresses.

The Hero receives a cleansing crystal from a mentor type of person, because of an accident in which the Hero lost limbs, which have been replaced by metal prostheses which function well. The crystal is designed to keep his mind clear of the corruption of the metal. Unbeknownst to the Hero, his best friend has also suffered damage in the accident and has a small piece in his head replaced with metal, which slowly alters his personality, as he has no crystal to cleanse him.
The best friend decides to leave his home to escape the constant memories of the accident and seeks an internship in a different town and says goodbye to the Hero, who is very sad.
The Hero decides to embark onto a long trip with his sidekick, to get to know the world they live in and get a better grasp of his new prosthetic limbs.
After a few towns they hear a rumor about how the accident has changed some townsfolks, and after several further villages they realize that it's getting worse, so they both decide to get to the ground of things and investigate. They come upon corrupted animals that they have to fight, villagers that are helpful and kind and have found their own way to fight the corruption (through a blessing or something similar) but other villagers are very hostile and need convincing by hero and sidekick solving puzzles, riddles and talking to them before they are allowed to cleanse the villages with the crystal.
One of the hostile towns has the best friend living in it, who's mind has been considerably altered by now; he considers people his friends (or henchmen) now he would have never talked to before, so interaction turns into confrontation, arguments and accusations between hero and b friend. This village is the first the hero can't cleanse by letting people see reason and allowing him to do it, so when they leave he has his first existential crisis in which the sidekick slowly manages to build him up again, but the next few scenes are filled with bleak hopelessness.
The villagers hostility increases which in turn makes hero's and sidekicks lives harder, during which the puzzles they have to solve become much harder and some villages have to be left uncleansed as the tasks given by the corrupted villagers become near impossible despite improved gear and weapons. As the hero fails to help more and more villages, he is near to giving up, going home and leaving the mess for other people to clean up, but the b friend appears again and by now the changes in character are very visible in face and clothes, and his state of mind is very different from what it used to be. Hero and now-villain erupt into an argument with sidekick in the middle, trying to get both to calm down but it eventually leads to both drawing their weapons and fighting it out. Sidekick jumps to hero's side but they both very nearly get killed by villain, but manage to defeat him. Hero cleanses unconscious villain which leads to the country being freed from the tight grasp of corruption, and after making up with b friend they decide to cleanse the rest of the world together and embark on their next big adventure, to create a brighter future.

-main character, cyborg like. Hero used to be lighthearted and naïve but has turned more serious since the accident but is still very excitable with a can do attitude.
-sidekick who is faithful to hero, embodies companionship and loyalty, likes to talk about events they've encountered to understand the world better, helpful and loving towards anyone and always up for a laugh.
-best friend is loyal but traumatised by the accident but tries to hide it, wants to get away from where it happened and start a new life, is sad to leave his friend (hero) behind.
-villain on the other hand embraces the corruption of his mind and doesn't listen to hero's attempts of talking to him, pushing hero away from him, emotionally shut
-people of different factions hero encounters, some friendly and helpful, some not

home - friendly place, warm, welcoming colours, a bit chaotic after the accident but nothing serious
a friendly village - very much like home but different colours (like tribes) slightly different architecture
corrupted village - metallic shine to houses that shouldn't have it, wood for example, colours are mismatched and everything has a dark, hostile feeling about it - villagers staring openly, shouting, throwing things at hero and sidekick?

key scenes:
-Hero and sidekick embarking on their own travels while waving goodbye to best friend, melancholy, hopefulness, new start, adventure, excitement
- Hero and sidekick having to deal with the first corrupted village, uneasiness, cautiousness, helper syndrome, fear
- Hero and sidekick seeing best friend again, disappointment, anger, fear, hopefulness crushed
- Hero and sidekick fighting now-villain, rage, despair, all-or-nothing mindset

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