Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fantastic Voyage guidelines for myself and first model

 After watching a few 1950's B-Horror films I have managed to single out a few important parts that I should include (maybe at least partly) into my own animation. They include:
- moving black and white dots all over the screen, increasing and decreasing in size for atmosphere
- slightly shaky camera
- terrible sound quality with a static background noise
- constant dramatic music
- stop motion animation techniques for anything supernatural
- the camera keeps its distance, not much emotional attachment to the characters
- often only one light source which creates impressive shadows
- not many background noises, and not many environmental noises either, only obvious noises and the dramatic music
- mostly black and light grey but not a big variety of grey tones implemented

After thinking about all my notes I decided to ditch the narrators voice and work with dramatic music instead and I will also concentrate on mimicking the stop motion animation and creating a top layer for the whole animation for nostalgic purposes.

This is the model of my hookworm so far.
Feedback please!

Edit: Some lights and different Lamberts!


  1. can't really see your model, Mailin :(

  2. Okay - I think your work needs some 'thickness' - right now, he's wafer-thin around the mouth - as if he's only a few mm thick; if this creature was a puppet, made by people on a budget, it would likely look more like this in terms of its physicality:



    In short - you need some actual musculature around the jaws etc and a sense of thickness/texture to its skin.