Friday, 5 December 2014

WIM Progress

I've modeled two more buildings this afternoon and am happy to see that the scene is slowly taking shape! I will add a few more lamp posts, sort out the concept painting, have a closer look at the floor and install proper lighting, then the final piece should be ready to render :D


  1. Hi Mailin, well done so far! It's looking like your scene : )
    I was wondering, though, if you were going to turn down the light a little bit? (the shining sphere on the left side) Right now the flare is so strong that it gets rid of all the details of the shape on the left.

  2. Hi Mailin - Sam's right - students often over-do the 'glow' factor - because they think it looks cool, and it just looks 'too much' - also, I think you need to think about bump-maps and actually 'texturing' your buildings, as right now, they're looking completely smooth - as if rolled together from plasticine; textures can help models communicate their 'scale' too - so think about what surfaces these objects might have in addition to their colour.